Before anything else, reason for the above title for this piece is because this isn’t the first time somebody has called him as such. See this link (or copy/paste) to find out who was the first one …

Secondly, let me make it clear Cabagnot has already apologized for his baseless tweet accusations earlier today (although I had to search it to find it):

@Carl_Ravanes RT @cabaggie_5: To all the people I have offended on my tweets I apoligize.God knows I didn’t mean anything by it. Take care and god bless.♥

But let me just straighten out some things — and also for the benefit of a few followers who continue to ask what really happened.

So here goes…

I was wrapping up my Twitter updates of the San Miguel Beer-Powerade game in Panabo City that wasn’t telecast live by Solar TV when Cabagnot from out of nowhere came up with back-to-back tweets which easily caught my attention and nearly knocked me off my chair.

@cabaggie_5 It must be really xmas time cuz they want gifts before they (stats comittee) give you your hard earned stats… Nice one!!

@cabaggie_5 When you pass the ball and it leads to a basket its usually an ast. When a ball comes off the rim its a rebound. Not in the pi

I quickly typed a reply:

@fmango @cabaggie_5 WTF are u talkin abt?!!!

When I later realized Cabagnot was accusing our statisticians in Panabo and insinuating something that seemed absurd, I came up with a pretty decent tweet even though deep inside I felt we were being insulted.

@fmango @cabaggie_5 has some pretty disturbing accusations

I then received a DM from the man himself:

@cabaggie_5 Do I know u?

I tried to answer but apparently, he had already blocked me and I couldn’t anymore reply to him. I next found out he was suddenly already in private mode and I couldn’t anymore read his succeeding tweets.

But I still was able to dig this out when I used Twitter’s search engine:

@Carl_Ravanes HAHAHA. Nice one. RT “@cabaggie_5: If you upset of my tweets, please don’t follow me. Its on private for a reason.”

As what my idol @FireQuinito would say: Weh? D nga.

Look, we’ve been handling the league’s stats since 1996 and I can honestly say we’ve been pretty professional with our work. We’ve made a few mistakes but we’ve owned up to them and they’ve been few and far in between. We’re also only human, for Chrissakes, even if we’re dealing with pretty quantitative stuff.

Anyway, I called the statisticians in Panabo and they relayed to me Cabagnot’s stats for the evening – 8 points, 3 rebounds (2 defensive, 1 offensive), 5 assists, 2 steals, 2 turnovers in 26 minutes of action.

I was also informed that Cabagnot looked disappointed with his numbers when he asked for them.

So that was why.

I could understand his second tweet. Lots of players complain about their numbers. Their common complaint – why they only got this number of assists, or steals, or shotblocks. I patiently inform them of how we get the numbers that come up on the stat sheet. I also always tell them that I always remind the statisticians to be unselfish when giving the players their numbers because I’ve always believed that is the main purpose of these statistics – to make the players and their teams look good. If the numbers are ugly then at least it motivates them to improve their game.

There have also been instances when we review the games the very next day and see if we missed out on some numbers, especially when there’s a request from a player for us to do so. And we make the necessary corrections if we are proven wrong. Something which rarely happens, to be honest.

But that second tweet of his, I think, was pretty below the belt.

When I informed my statisticians in Panabo of Cabagnot’s accusations, they were furious because it was completely baseless, they said.

So the best thing for us to do, I said, was to review the numbers they came up with in the 930 pm delayed telecast of the game at Solar TV.

I also did a review of my own here in Manila.

I wish Cabagnot watched the game too.

Because when the final buzzer sounded, my always-flight-weary statisticians (they only arrive for the out-of-town game a few hours before) were dead right with his numbers — 8 points, 3 rebounds (2 defensive, 1 offensive), 5 assists, 2 steals, 2 turnovers in 26 minutes of action.

And they won by a whopping 25 points.

Wonder where the whining and being a crybaby were coming from.

And why he had to accuse my statisticians of stats-shaving… for xmas presents?

Didn’t mean anything by it?

Somewhere in Alex Cabagnot’s Twitter profile, it says “Love, peace and happiness.”

Yeah,  right.



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  1. bb

    Caguioa who? he’s way f*cking better than that over rated player from ginebra.

  2. david

    super ego!!! cabagnot should just pack his bags again and go home to his mom!

  3. m3lo

    gnyan tlg pg mgling

  4. whinerhater

    All he care about is his own stats… I guess he’a aiming to be an MVP. Being marked as a guy better than Caguiaoa is something that he needs to prove. Since he came to the PBA world, he never made a name for himself in that so-called league.
    Yeah right, point guard na patalo sa team. When he got hold of the ball, all he care about is to pass it to someone who would convert it to an assist or if there’s no one who can do that for him, he’d rather drive it to the goal himself.
    Talk about havin’ a bad attitude? Signing a contract and leaving it as if it’s like childish game just because he didn’t get what he demanded for. That must be really something else.
    I wonder how in the world he got back into the league where in there are a lot of pure Filipinos who’s willing to play with an ample salary?
    Most of those fil-ams nowadays are acting like they are some NBA superstar! Haha!

  5. hopia

    Alex Nabugnot?!? LOL.

  6. julie

    sayang, ang cute pa naman nya…tsk..
    yabang!! buti nalang hindi sya GINEBRA player!!!

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